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Getting around Xiamen

Xiamen has already opened Metro Line 1, the starting price is 2 yuan, the whole journey is 7 yuan. The taxi starting price is 8 yuan; the bus is 1 yuan in the island and 2 yuan outside the island.

Island Ring Boulevard
First of all, you can go to Island Ring Boulevard. Xiamen Island Ring Boulevardis built along the coast and is a section of the coast from Xiamen University to the Convention and Exhibition Center. It is called the “Golden Coastline”. There are many attractions along the way and the scenery is beautiful.
Zhenhai Corner
Next you can go to the Zhenhai Corner. If you want to see the romantic seascape and feel the warmth of the sea, you must not miss the zhenhai corner around Xiamen. There are 2 lighthouses that are very net red, new and old, new ones are still in use but the old ones have been abandoned. This is also the dividing line between the Yellow Sea and the South China Sea.
Ji Mei Ao Yuan
Finally, you can go to the Ji Mei Ao Yuan. In 1950, Mr. Chen Jiageng expanded the island from the ruins into what is now the Ji Mei Ao Yuan. The Ji Mei Ao Yuan was composed of the porch, Jimei Liberation Monument and Jiageng Tomb.
Huangcuo beach
Then you can go to Huangcuo beach. It is the most natural and clean beach on the whole island and is a good place to get close to the sea in Xiamen. For those who like to be quiet, this is a good place to watch the sea quietly. Cycling by the sea and blowing the sea breeze is also a good choice.
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