Call for papers

Topics include but not are limited to:

  1. Computer network
  2. Database system principle
  3. Software engineering
  4. Mobile intelligent information system
  5. Development and application of mobile internet based system
  6. Computer technology foundation
  7. Signal and system analysis
  8. Communication technology foundation
  9. Communication circuit and system
  10. Information theory foundation
  11. Strengthening signals and systems
  12. Principle of digital communication
  13. Digital signal processing
  14. Intelligent firewall system
  15. Communication intelligent encryption system
  16. Identification and prevention of computer viruses
  17. Killing virus software development and testing
  18. Network security and system security
  19. Mobile internet security
  20. Cloud computing and big data security
Improtant Dates

Submission Deadline: 

July 5, 2021

Registration Deadline: 

July 10, 2021

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